Performance Management

TrainEngage demo for you to learn how you can engage people by using gamification at worklife


Here is a brief demo to show you how we at TrainEngage encourage our employees to the right behavior and motivate them. Continuous learning and engagement is a critical factor when growing your business and ensuring the best customer experience. We are determined to help organizations to achieve this goals.

With gamification you can help employees to reflect their daily activies to their set targets on a weekly cicle. By letting employees choose from variety of rewards you can make sure everyone feels included and rewarded. Our model also enables use of variation of different motivators etc. Empowerment, community, surprise, avoidance, scarcity, ownership and achieving. We can help you to build just the right performance management model with gamification.

In the end you will find our gift for you. In our real point shop for employees we offers meaningful rewards e.g. joint activity evenings, free dinners, gift cards and paid holidays. Something for everyone!

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Managing Director, Americas.

Aleksi Lehtola

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